Nadha & Khadem’s Muslim Wedding at Water’s Edge, Colombo.

Posted on August 16, 2014

Videography: Chapter2 Wedding Films

Rich with culture, colour and love, we had a rare opportunity to cover an intimate Muslim Wedding, that took place at Colombo’s beautiful Water’s Edge Hotel.


KHAA-W071-01 KHAA-W071-03 KHAA-W071-04

KHAA-W071-05 KHAA-W071-06 KHAA-W071-07 KHAA-W071-08  KHAA-W071-10KHAA-W071-11 KHAA-W071-12 KHAA-W071-13 KHAA-W071-14 KHAA-W071-15 KHAA-W071-16KHAA-W071-17

KHAA-W071-18 KHAA-W071-19 KHAA-W071-20                        KHAA-W071-21 KHAA-W071-23 KHAA-W071-22KHAA-W071-24  KHAA-W071-26 KHAA-W071-25KHAA-W071-27KHAA-W071-28 KHAA-W071-29KHAA-W071-30 KHAA-W071-31 KHAA-W071-32KHAA-W071-33 KHAA-W071-34 KHAA-W071-35KHAA-W071-36  KHAA-W071-37KHAA-W071-37c1 KHAA-W071-40 KHAA-W071-39KHAA-W071-38KHAA-W071-38v1

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